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Sprinkles - a range of beautiful holographic cosmetic glitter and iridescent shades in 0.004 - 0.008 hex.

Hundreds & Thousands - irregular shape holographic glitter in 0.45 hex.

Frostings - a range of pure pigment rich powders designed to take creativity to the next level. 

Glazes - Flakes, Sparks & Chromes - irregular shape flutter foils, pearl pigment, mirrored & holo illusion.

Cherry on the top - all things sparkly to complete your creativity.


Use these pigments, glitters & some of our special effects directly on Shine or Gel-ato gel's sticky despesion layer or mix with clear & colour gels and our Buff acrylic system for endless combinations.

Some of our special effects are best when applied to a sticky dispersion layer.

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