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The Creme da la creme.


HUGE savings!


80 Gel-ato Gel Polish Colours

FREE Gel-ato Base & Glacier Topcoat

40% voucher off your next purchase

30% off all future purchases over


Up to 50% off


Bespoke onsite training

10% off first tech £270

50% off additional techs £150 each


Our training team will delivery your products on your training day.

We spend 1 day training you & your team of employed and/or self-employed commission-based techs.


Today you get this for just 

£670 (based on 1 tech)

£970 (based on 3 techs)

A package like this will normally be £1720

(based on 3 techs)


Thats not all - You also get


50% off on the day for any additional products


If you would like all techs to train in all 3 systems, have us back on a consecutive day for just £150


NB: Complete beginner techs will require that extra consecutive day.


All training will be certified & accredited by ABT.

With continued support available.

All prices are inclusive of vat

Offer only valid in UK

We’ve been there! As salon owners and managers, we know the importance of training alongside a quality brand, and the level of professional expertise expected.  We elevate confidence and build relationships with our experts. We empower knowledge and growth 

to salons and technicians through experience beyond a textbook.  Opening minds to reach goals AND be the change you desire.

Join the Vu Crew TODAY.

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