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Continue your Nail Business from home with our starter kit allowing you to create 10 - 15 sets of Press On's.


Kit Contents

Pro Files & Buffer

Full cover Nail Tips 0-9 (3 different shapes)

Gel-ato Base Layer Gel Polish

3 x Gel-ato Colour Gel Polish

Gel-ato Glacier Top Gel Polish

2 x 10g Sprinkles

Mount Tape

10 x each of the following:

Mount Cards & Envelopes

Alcohol Pads

Orangewood Sticks

Mini Files & Buffers

Self-Adhesive Pads

Stick Nail Adhesive


NB: Seasonal Gel-ato and Sprinkle colours chosen at time of sale


The Press On's Starter Kit

  • Press on nails, also known as glue on nails.
    They are artificial nails that are already made up; the client simply has to glue them onto the top of their natural nail.

    You can offer your clients various shape, colour and design as well as offering both standard size nails (which they can adjust slightly themselves to ensure a good fit) or personalised sizing by asking your client to follow the measuring steps when they order.

    They do not require a long commitment; celebrities in the last few years have really been promoting them while on set/photo shoot, revealing that ‘press-ons have changed their life!’.

    In the past, press-ons used to be associated with a ‘quick fix’ prior to an interview. Today, most press-on consumers tend to want them to last as long as possible, when coming to the salon isn’t an option. Press-ons provide the added advantage of being able to remove yourself as and when.

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