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Unprecedented Times;

Sit and just take a minute, reflect on you; Relax, Breathe, Calm.

The world is wonderful and already repairing itself.

Picture the beauty and set your mind ready - ready for the months ahead.

Start with a list, a list of ideas, big or small. Even if they seem out of reach, that doesn’t matter right now.

We all know we can do our job well, very well in fact, so we don’t need to worry about that, however - to stop doing what we love will not help our mental state of mind.

Grab you kit, encourage your staff to grab their kit, now is the time to practice all those designs we’ve never had the chance too! Explore social media for new ideas and products, at the same time keep an eye out for any offers which could help you now or in the near future.

Take a look at online courses, especially the free ones. Keep your mind focused and always positive about relaunching what you love.

Keep your clients interested in what you are doing by using your social media channels. Include a post or share something to make your followers smile or laugh, keeping the spirits high of others keeps your spirit high too.

Make your clients feel confident about your own sanitation routines, the ones we’ve always done and maybe some added extras you’ve come across during your own social media viewing.

Take a look at the government grants available to you, your business and your staff, set the wheels in motion if you can, if not, leave it unticked until its time.

Don’t forget to take a little time to look at the personal living offers available for your own finances, make those calls, fill in those forms and enjoy getting those little jobs done at home; you know the ones that always have to ‘wait until tomorrow’.

I hear you, ‘easy for you to say’, why not write down what you would advise others to do - you’ll be surprised how this will help you too.

Remember, you are not alone, we are all in this together…

Stay Home!

Stay Safe!

Protect and give thanks to the NHS and all our Key Workers!

Together let’s keep our Self-Employed Techs, Salons and our Industry going.

Tracy Nash


Vu Nail Systems

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