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The Vu Crew


Tracy Nash

Director / Educator

It wasn’t a galaxy faraway; it was the corner of the kitchen table.
So here’s the thing when I finished a set of nail extensions on my very first paying client (4 hours later) did I think I would have a successful salon, a training academy, my own brand of professional
nail products.
We’ll let me tell you with a 4 & 7 year old and a hubby who works away - no I didn’t… but there was always a niggle, cogs turning whilst sitting in the car waiting for dance or football to finish.
My yoda heading towards his teens & my princess starting big school.
Before I knew it our empire was building.
Naming the first co-owned salon ‘Surreal’ clearly had more than one meaning.
The new generation, my very own salon.
RJ Vu - The Mothership with an amazing team onboard.
Vu Training Academy - The Army; educators creating our budding nail
techs of the future.
Vu Nail Systems - The Weapons; professional nail systems tried and tested to perform for every nail tech with each of our Gel & Acrylic products upholding their own successful track record.
My mission is to share my passion for our industry through training; alongside our products that create a powerful corner in any salon and heavily contribute to salon growth. Empower salon owners to realise their potential.
The journey hasn’t ended; A joint force has begun Mindset, Magic & Miracles with Salon Jedi.
Jump on and join the ride, let’s see where the universe can take us.
Tracy x


Dean Fell

Creative Director / Educator

I started in the Industry in 2003, my first qualifications with LCN 3 Phase Gel and Ez-flow Acrylic. 

My favourite products - Vu Nail Systems Gel & Acrylic and Elemis Skincare

My favourite technique / treatment - Even though my day to day work is Gel based, my heart will always be with Acrylic, I love working with it and creating formed sculptures.

My favourite nail colour - I will always gravitate towards Greens & Purples so my favs are Cucumber Sorbet, Key Lime Pie and Ube by Vu Nail Systems

My career ambition & vision - I'm happy where I am in the industry, I enjoy my job and love teaching budding nail techs

My Inspirations with in the industry - Definitely Mrs Tracy Nash, Director of Vu Nail Systems, watching someone manage a successful salon, create & launch a nail brand plus a training academy whilst being a Mum, wife and friend.

Outside of work I have a passion for painting, I am addicted to home learning but top of the list is going on holidays; as many as possible.


Reanne Nash

Creative Nail Artist

I’ve been a member of The Vu Crew since the beginning, considering my mum is the lovely lady that owns it! I followed in my mum’s footsteps when I was around 16 and discovered I had a love for nails and creativity within nails. I completed my training with Vu Nail Systems and have worked my way up within the industry and now have a fantastic client base who trust me to create bespoke designs on their nails. 

Alongside nails and beauty I also have a passion for Musical Theatre, as well as owning my own Children’s Entertainment business. The saying ‘no rest for the wicked’ tends to sit well with me! 

I love being a part of the team here at RJ Vu, working with my mum and the people that have watched me grow as both a nail technician and a person is very fulfilling. I’m excited to see where my journey takes me next and look forward to continuing to grow as a nail artist.

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